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About EnquirySol


EnquirySol is a web portal for SME’s to ease the Vendor Relationship Management which is known as VRM and idea is to manage the vendors and maintain the relationship with vendors for the success of business. On other hand when all the relevant enquiries are submitted to our vendors it also helps to reduce the gap between the buyer and seller.

The portal helps purchase department in the company to increase their efficiency. In the portal as VRM helps the buyer to manage their vendors in different categories. Buyer can create the list if vendors according their business requirements and add the vendors to each list. The invitation will be sent to the vendor to validate himself which will help effectively controlling the spam on the portal.

When the buyer need to find a new supplier, just submit the enquiry with required requirements and also the category of the supplier like location, size of company, location, requirement industry category etc,. This is an uniqueness of the portal as it reduces the time of internet research to find a vendor. An enquiry submitted by the buyer will reach to all the potential sellers in the relevant market.

The name EnquirySol is derived from the words enquiry and solution. It can be elaborated as solution for enquiries which means a solution for submitting enquiries and connecting with the supplier or service providers in the market.

Vendor Relationship Management has found relevancy in the modern business as the right choice of Suppliers is one of the key factor for the success of business. It is not only to make right choice of the supplier, the management of suppliers is also becoming challenge as the number of suppliers or vendors is increasing day by day. Enterprise level ERP has the solution for Vendor Relationship Management, So the SME’s suffers without a solution where EnquirySol will fit to their requirement. EnquirySol as a web portal to help the SME’s to find the vendors and manage the Vendors. As it is difficult for SME’s to make a huge investment for an ERP, EnquirySol will be an effective solution.

All the enquiries are sent directly to the email and can reply directly to the client. Also the enquiries generated and received will be always available on the portal and can be accessed any time. EnquirySol has a unique process to find the vendors, here the enquiry is send once and the buyer decides the supplier type. What EnquirySoi says is “It is always better to send the enquiry once and say number of vendors you like to get contacted than submitting to number of companies to contact back”.

To make it in a simple, It is always necessary to manage the vendors to make sure that the services provided in time, for which the companies need a tool. EnquirySol is a solution which allow the buyer to manage supplier or vendor and also for keeping in touch with the vendors.

Vision of EnquirySol is to Make the business easy, by effectively managing the vendors and Mission of EnquirySol is to Reduce the gap between the buyer and seller.

Found in 2015 by the founder of IservicesWorld, as a part of Mission to reduce the gap between the buyers and sellers. The first phase is launched in 2017 and research and development will be a continuous process to increase the efficiency of portal and increase the user experience.

Portal is solution for the following question for which remain unanswered on the SME companies and who do not want to invest on ERP or the department would like to be independent .(i)Do you find difficulty in managing your vendors? (ii)Do you spend more time in contacting your vendors? (iii) Do you find difficulty in sourcing new vendors?

If your answer is “YES”, then you are at the right place – “EnquirySol” is a platform to manage your vendors, maintaining your vendors and sourcing new vendors.

Create the lists of vendors categorised according to your requirement and contact them with one click.

Vendor Relation Management

A better way to engage with your vendors. Vendor Relation has a key role in the modern business as supplier play a key role in the success of business. The realisation of the importance of vendor management made the companies to look for tools and which also has the importance similar to the customer relation management. As the globalisation took place the business started growing and the companies started sourcing for the vendors across the globe. In EnquirySol it is possible to manage the vendors efficiently which helps the business to increase the profitability.

Vendor Management results in the timely supply of materials at an attractive price with profitable margin. Thus Vendor Management keeps the vendor happy, customer satisfied and the business grows. That tells vendor management is also a part of customer relationship management.

How EnquirySol Works

EnquirySol as a online portal have the members registered as buyers and sellers. The buyer has more functionality as the buyer will have access for Vendor Management. Seller as a member get alerted for all the relevant enquires generated. Register to start and we are developing day by day to increase your experience.

Here we explain how to start using (1) If you have your existing vendors and you would like to manage your existing vendors, then to follow the following steps (i) create your account with EnquirySol, please select “register as buyer” while creating your account (ii) On your dashboard click on VRM to create the vendor lists categorised according to your requirement (iii) In the list to add the vendor start typing your vendor email id, if the vendor is already a member the vendor get added or else send an invitation to your vendor and vendor does self-validation to avoid spamming and once validated vendor will be added to the list (iii) click on send enquiry and then write the requirement and submit then the vendors are notified with an email regarding the enquiry.

When you are looking to source a new vendor for a new or existing product or service you can find the vendors with one enquiry. And the beauty is it works with very simple steps like submitting the enquiry with your requirement and the requirements of the supplier like location, size, industry etc and the enquiry will reach to the most relevant suppliers as required.

Are you a seller in the market and need to connect with the buyers and to get business enquiries or sales leads. Follow the steps to be a member in the portal and select yourself as a seller while creating the member account in the portal. There are two possibilities that you can be added a vendor by your client or you get enquiries or leads once when someone sourcing for a vendor.

IServicesWorld is Formed in 2012, in a vision of making global business easy by reducing the gap between the buyers and sellers in the market more on service industry where people find harder to make the Investment. IServicesWorld have the plans to develop more products which will make the life of a common people easier and also vendors in the market to reach their customers. As a part of the service offered in Digital marketing, IServicesWorld associated with TIBS Web development. IservicesWorld helps the companies to be competent on the digital marketing to reach their customers.

Key to Success for IservicesWorld will be Customer Satisfaction and it is always what assured.

Investment opportunity with EnquirySol

As a start-up we would love to raise a fund which will help us to move faster which require adequate fund at a proper time. If you are an investor we would like to discuss the potential business opportunity at EnquirySol as our vision is clear and we are not competing with any big name service provider. We would love to be a middle level provider who is not effected with the big names and not making a big move with a proper research. The portal need to extend the arms to reach more members and revenue generation is very interesting and we would like to discuss it with you directly. Please get in touch at enquirysolvrm@gmail.com