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About EnquirySol

Enquirysol is a web portal for SME’s to ease the Vendor Relationship Management which is known as VRM and idea is to manage the vendors and maintain the relationship with vendors for the success of the business. Vendor Relationship Management, as well as Supplier Relationship Management, will increase the efficiency of Procurement and bring transparency to the business operations. On the other hand, when all the relevant enquiries are submitted to our vendors it also helps to reduce the gap between the buyers and vendors.

The name Enquirysol is derived from the words enquiry and solution. The solution for Enquiries which means a solution for submitting enquiries and connecting with the suppliers or service providers in the market. When the engagement with the supplier is improved, the support from the suppliers also increases, using Enquirysol will keep the suppliers updated with the requirements and will get updated on the latest trends available in the market.

The Vision & Mission of Enquirysol is  “Efficiency in the business operations by effectively managing the vendors” and “Transparency in the business operations”.


Enquirysol for Vendor Relationship Management


Enquirysol started in 2015 with the concept of efficient management of vendors or suppliers and the business leads are routed to the right suppliers, ie reduce the gap between the buyers and sellers. The first phase is launched in 2017 and with the target to reach the target solution with online Live Bidding Program in the coming years. Research and Development are considered as the spinal which will help in continuously improving the portal efficiency for the best user experience and used without a training session. Enquirysol will be always a portal which will be self-learnable by any user.

Enquirysol as a Vendor Management or Supplier Management Portal is the solution for following questions which remain unanswered among the SME companies with limitations to invest in high-end ERP solution or the procurement department like to be independent;

(i)Do you find difficulty in managing your vendors?

(ii)Do you spend more time in contacting your vendors?

(iii) Do you find difficulty in sourcing new vendors?

The answer to the above questions is Enquirysol. Signup as a member for Free.

Enquirysol is a platform to manage your vendors, maintaining your vendors and sourcing new vendors. Enquirysol helps in creating the lists of vendors categorised according to your requirement and requirements reaches to the suppliers’ contact email with one click.