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Terms of Use

Enquirysol – Online Portal for Vendor Management

Enquirysol, the vendor management portal as well as supplier management portal. As an online portal, the success and best service can be assured only when we follow the terms and conditions. We are trying to get the best use of the portal for the companies for the efficient use of Enquirysol. As an online portal for vendor management, the business enquiries to be catered with required importance.

As an online portal for VRM, the service is extended to Business Lead Generation enables the companies to get the business enquiries and updated with requirements. The suppliers or vendors can be sourced in the online portal with the criteria as required for meeting the requirements.


The terms and conditions are as follows:


  • Enquirysol, an online portal for vendor management as well as supplier management, all the users need to create an account with Enquirysol. The registration of an account in the portal is free.


  • EnquirySol is a platform to bring buyers and sellers closer. This helps the buyers to get more options from the relevant suppliers in the market. The best part is that EnquirySol is to save time on research and submit enquiries on company websites.


  • EnquirySol follows the systematic steps for company registration and authentication procedure through email to make sure the company is genuine.


  • The enquiries submitted as a guest will be sent to the vendor only after verification by EnquirySol support team.


  • The company registration is restricted on email id domain used during the registration. Hence when the second person tries to register from the same company using the same email Id domain the first person who already registered will get the notification.


  • When the second person tries to do registration the notification will go to the first person and on approval from the first person the second person will be able to complete the registration, this will make sure the business leads are catered on time and avoids duplication.


  • In the portal, it is extended to add the email id of your suppliers in the vendor list and if the email id is already an existing account the supplier will be added to list or else will send a notification to the supplier to authenticate, and the supplier will be added.


  • The new person who would like to get the ownership of the account registered with enquirysol can contact the support team at support@enquirysol.com from the existing user account and request to transfer the account to new email id. The procedure will go under the enquirysol support team if the request is found genuine the account will be transferred to the new account within no time to continue using the service.


  • EnquirySol serves on first come first serve basis. The different possibilities are like more enquiries you generate where older account get preference and for the new accounts like who does frequent updates and spend more time on keeping logged in also will be considered. So the algorithm works with a calculation on the ageing of the account, more account updates and logged in time.


If you have any clarification, contact us at support@enquirysol.com or through the 24/7 online chat support.


Updated on 5th October 2018