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What is an Enquiry?

“An act of asking for Information”


Enquiry in the business world has got an influence as it is a form of Inboud Sales Activity. The possibility of Winning the business is very high when it is an Enquiry. The Enquiry is generated when there is a need, so the probability of buying is very high, the only influencing factor will be satisfying the needs. Satisfying the needs is a common factor is business world and a product or solution or service will make it either directly or indirectly.


As a business in the modern world where the Digital marketing plays an important role it is crucial for the companies to get valid enquiries. Because the probability of closing business from a valid Enquiry. Yes Google plays an important role for getting enquiries and it needs a lot of efforts and also it becomes expensive for a new start up company to spend for optimization and Pay Per Click (PPC).


EnquirySol started as a mission to help the business owners and sales people to get to know who is looking for our products and services in the market. When we know there is a demand for what we are providing we can target the market easily with only potential customers rather than targeting the whole market where very few are our customers.

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